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Volkswagen Vehicles: Expatriate Car Buying & Leasing Program

Performance with Refined Style. Headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany, Volkswagen Group is the largest automaker in Europe. The company has an interesting history: Its founder, Ferdinand Porsche, was ordered to create a car for the people a few years before World War II. The resulting vehicle was the legendary Beetle, which saw its factory destroyed in combat before finally making it into mass production in the late 1940s. The Beetle was followed by the free-spirited Bus, earning the company a spot among international automakers. International AutoSource is pleased to offer Volkswagen vehicles to expatriates relocating for a work assignment or academic program.


Buy or Lease a Volkswagen in the US as an expatriate

Well Appointed Vehicles with Spirited Driving Dynamics. Volkswagen has mastered the space between mass market and luxury nameplates. Volkswagens are well appointed, with very good fit and finish, accompanied by German driving dynamics that make it fun to hit the road.

The Volkswagen family includes an award-winning line-up of sedans, compacts, SUVs and wagons. The compact Jetta and mid-size Passat remain popular choices in the sedan segment, known for spirited handling and more refined touches than most of the competition. 

Meanwhile, VW’s SUV line features four models: the all-new Taos, Tiguan, family-oriented Atlas with three-row seating, and the Atlas Cross Sport.

Staying true to its origins, Volkswagen has a very strong line-up of compacts including the Golf models (GTI, e-Golf), applauded for their snappy driving dynamics.

All Volkswagen products featured on this website are sold by Overseas Military Sales Corporation – OMSC Ltd.