2024 Toyota RAV4 Prime

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RAV4 Prime

Meet the RAV4 Prime

Model Strengths

Aggressive styling, all-wheel drive, plug-in hybrid, practical in the city, Good ground clearance, Exceptional electric-only driving range, great fuel economy matched with unprecedented acceleration.

The RAV4 aims to be the "Goldilocks" of crossovers; its big enough that it doesn't simply feel like a lifted compact car, but also small enough that its size never really gets in the way during everyday driving. It's short enough that it makes perfect sense in the city, but it isn't in any way simply pretending to be an SUV, when the need for off roading arises. Toyota has also made a serious push for fuel economy with this generation. Introducing Toyota's most advanced plug-in hybrid to date, combines Toyota's reliable gas engine with a new electrified hybrid system. The electrified powertrain provides instant acceleration and torque compared to petrol engines, making it the fastest RAV4 in the lineup and well above many of its direct competitors.